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Empowering teachers to effectively teach using Google products

Google wanted to help teachers to provide effective school education using Google Workspace for Education. The training covered use of the tools that teachers use every day, including Google Docs, Google Classrooms and Meet. But with no existing LMS on the market that would meet their scalability, functionality and integration needs, they turned to Plume to build the solution that would be used by millions of teachers.

The training helps teachers get started with the tools that they – and their students – would engage with both in-classroom and for remote learning. The modules, created by Canopy Education for Google, allowed teachers to browse learning content by app and device. For example, there are separate modules for Google Classrooms depending on whether mobile or desktop computers is the learner’s primary device.

The classic Google look and feel

Google’s brand carries through all of their products and the LMS had to look and feel Googly too. We followed Google’s Material Design guidelines, not only to provide brand consistency, but to provide a sense of familiarity to its users which would be crucial for customer engagement and uptake.

Content management tools for quick and easy course building

Since Canopy Education would be managing and expanding on the content on behalf of Google, they needed a way to create new courses, modules and quizzes, or to edit existing ones, using a visual drag and drop builder. No need for extra course authoring tools, everything is built on-site.

Supporting a global audience

We built a number of tools that would facilitate the use of this training by governments and unions globally. These included:

  • Subdomains and sub-branding for specific unions (such as The US Ministry of Education)
  • Learning content customised to the available Workspace features of specific countries
  • Content available in various languages including English

Easy reporting tools

Providing admins with a high-level overview of activity on the LMS would help them to make informed decisions about how to improve the content, and how to support their users better. Export tools allow for deeper analysis of the data.

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