Boost learner success with realistic Exam Simulator and Test Prep software

100% customizable, all-in-one test prep solution

Give your business a competitive edge with exam simulation and test prep software, fully integrated into a comprehensive learning experience.



Realistic exam simulations
Immerse learners in a true-to-life environment to build confidence for the real test.



AI personalized e-learning
Identify learners' weak points & recommend materials to optimize their study.



Seamless user experience
A branded, unified experience, without extra passwords or added complication.



Detailed analytics
Comprehensive analytics to track progress and identify key areas for improvement.

Stand out with Exam Simulation.

Enhance your educational offerings with tailored exam simulation software. Provide a unique and immersive experience that sets you apart in the market.
Unlock new opportunities and drive exceptional growth 🚀

How we build your Exam Simulator & Test Prep services

We believe that great technology comes from collaborative partnerships. And that means we do things a little differently to deliver the best outcomes for you.

Easy and quick

It's easy to launch your own test prep system when you have Plume behind you. We'll work with you to design a system around your goals, and then we'll build and launch it to spec.

100% customizable

We'll add your unique features, design it the way you need it and integrate with any app in your ecosystem. There are no limitations.

1:1 carbon copies

Exactly match the look, feel, and logic of the exams you're simulating. Your exam prep system will mirror the real experience perfectly.


We offer "buy once use forever" lifetime licences with unlimited users. Alternatively, reduce initial fees with pay-per-user models.

Fully integrated

Already have your own LMS or learning app? Your Exam Prep system will feel right at home, acting as if it were baked into your existing tech.

Beyond test prep

From your elearning system to your marketing website, we can design and develop the entire app to ensure a comprehensive and cohesive learning experience.

Scalable by default

Grow to millions of users with no user limits. Your exam prep system will be blazing fast, even at times of high demand.

Source code access

Our unique move-away guarantee allows you to take full responsibility of the custom-built LMS whenever you're ready. Transition smoothly to your in-house team, armed with all the assets and knowledge you need to create a long term return on your investment.

Stress free management

We'll take care of the technicals so that you can focus on what matters. Support, hosting, integrations, changes - we've got it covered.

Recent projects


LSAT exam practice software to maximize law student success

JD Genius helps law students get into the best law schools in the US by preparing them for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). Alongside their membership-based learning platform, we developed “drills” – a practice exam system that offers a true-to-life emulation of the LSAT exam.
To provide students with the most realistic environment possible, we replicated the look, feel and features of the real LSAT exam.
For example, within a question, users can answer a series of multiple-choice questions, highlight important texts, "rule out" certain answers to assist with the process of elimination and save questions to return to later.


Boosting Bar Exam Success

Plume developed a comprehensive bar prep system for a leading bar exam preparation company, featuring exam simulation, advanced analytics, and interactive eLearning courses and videos. These tools helped students experience real test conditions, tailor their study plans, and access diverse learning materials.
To keep students on track, the system included task management tools, study aids, and personalized coaching. This holistic approach improved student engagement and significantly increased pass rates, showcasing Plume's ability to create effective eLearning solutions.

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This entire process was extraordinarily organised. We went into scoping and design, which was really exciting to see the product form. I saw results straight away.

Seida Wood, CEO @ JD Genius


"The Plume team knows their stuff, but most importantly they know how to listen to a client’s needs and translate those needs into an actionable plan.”

Matt Bramble, CEO & Leverage Lab

Verified review


“From the initial discussions to the delivery of the blueprint, we have felt listened to and understood, challenged and guided as needed.”

Andy Pearce, Director @ On Track Learning

Verified review


"I’m struggling to come to terms... This is exactly what we wanted - you’ve been able to take an idea out of my head and make it happen"

Kevin Somerville MD @ Let’s Get Sporty

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