Bespoke B2C Learning Management Systems

Challenge what’s possible with a bespoke LMS that accelerates your growth 

Offer unique learning experiences that sets you apart from the competition and help scaling your user base and tech without any limitations.

Break free of the limitations of your LMS

Standard LMSs often lead to generic experiences that fall short of engaging the modern learner. Meanwhile, per-user fees make scaling unaffordable. These issues result in low sales, high churn, and difficulty standing out among growing competition.

Plume frees you from these limitations. Deliver a cutting-edge learning experience without diluting your vision and affordably scale to millions of users with a custom LMS that you can call your own.

Custom built LMS

How a bespoke LMS
can help you reach your goals

Superior learning experience

Outrun your competitors with a superior and bespoke UX to increase sales, retention and satisfaction.

Sell more courses

Convert visitors to paying users by removing sales frictions and employ advanced upselling strategies.

Seamless product experience

Build an all-in-one LMS that offers a fully cohesive user experience and aggregates your data into a single reporting system.

Scalable B2C LMS

How we support our clients
to reach 7-figure userbase

Unlimited users with no per user fee

SaaS is a good starting point, but as your business grows, per-user fees will make scaling unaffordable. We offer unlimited users and no per-user fees. Grow to millions of users affordably!

Infrastructure for growth

Avoid performance degradation that could slow down your LMS and increase churn. Get enterprise-grade infrastructure designed to expand with your user base.

Workflow automation

Automate manual tasks that are prone to error. From enrolment following payment, to custom reports generation, you can save tens of hours every week with bespoke automation recipes. 

Membership & masterclass websites

Tools that empower you
to gain and retain users

Gamification Beyond Badges 

Supercharge engagement and knowledge retention with advanced gamification. move past basic badges and incorporate scenario-based videos, immersive challenges and learning games.

Single-sign on

Make signs and onboarding a breeze with SSO. Forgotten passwords will become a thing of the past.

Personalised learning paths - automatically!

Combat choice paralysis with personalised learning paths that understand what they need from their development. Your LMS can intelligently recommend courses, webinars, events and more, aligning training with individual roles and professional aspirations.

Scalability services

Designed to grow with you. Our scalability services ensure that as your business expands, your LMS effortlessly adapts, from user capacity to feature sets.


xAPI, H5P and LTI Integration

Leverage xAPI, H5P and LTI for dynamic, interactive content creation. Import existing content effortlessly.

Cross-Platform delivery

Enjoy a fluid learning experience across all devices. Offer safe offline access to your users across browsers, mobile devices and even TVs!

Seamless E-commerce Integration

Seamlessly integrate your LMS with your ecommerce provider. Connect user data and learner profiles, allowing for two-way real-time data sync and unlocking the full potential of both platforms.

Marketing sites

Ensure a consistent look and feel between your LMS and marketing site. Use our consultative approach to create tailored sales funnels that convert prospects into learners.

LMS ownership

Buy once, use forever
Your always-on investment

The risks of SaaS are real: rising costs, feature changes, and vendor buy-outs/shutdowns can erase your investment overnight.

Plume eliminates these risks by giving you access to your LMS's code, allowing you to self-host and transition to in-house management whenever you're ready.

Robust Tracking and Reporting

Crystal-clear reports
for data-driven decision-making

Custom Reporting

Breakfree form limitations of Propanels and their one-size-fit-all approach. Access and process complex datasets without performance penalties.

Track learners’ progress

Enhance course engagement by tracking learner interactions. Identify bottlenecks in your courses and modules, right down to individual lessons and video progress.

Empowering Data-Driven Decisions

Swap cluttered Excel sheets for clear, visually engaging reports that tell you exactly what you need to know, without complex analysis. Effortlessly generate advanced reports with just a few clicks.

Aggregate your data

Capture and consolidate activities from your LMS and other tools into a single, comprehensive source of truth. This eliminates the need to download, merge, and annotate reports from various systems.

Empower your automation

Automate your admins' work with two-way data synchronisation. From course due date reminders to assessment follow-ups, we aid in nurturing learner relationships and enhancing your engagement KPIs.

No more manual tasks

Free up your team's time
with advanced automations

Effortless automation

Reduce the administrative load and free up valuable time for more strategic tasks with advanced automation. From overdue reminders to automated content delivery and notifications.

Ditch manual enrolments

From enrolment into courses based on role, to tracking overdue courses and quiz feedback, your LMS can automate man workflows that hold you back.

Personalised & automated communication

Admins can effortlessly communicate with learners in a personalised way across various channels, from emails and Slack to SMS and in-app notifications.

How we deliver a custom LMS
6x faster than competitors

Our proprietary suite of pre-built technologies means that 75% of your project is already done and awaiting your customizations, enabling you to launch quicker and spend less without compromising on quality.

Deploy established foundation, which reduces your costs and time-to-launch by up to 6x

Set up existing features with pre-built technologies from our extensive armory.

Build custom requirements including branded user experiences, features and integrations.

Launch, learn and adapt with ongoing development so your LMS works harder for you over time.

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I don't know if it’s a British thing, but this entire process was extraordinarily organized. I didn't have to wait too long to see results and process has been an absolute joy.

Seida Wood, CEO @ JD Genius


Thanks to Plume’s eLearning expertise, we’ve seen a steady increase in our growth.

Dave Rotheroe, CEO @ Grip Advertising

Verified review


“From proposal to delivery, we  felt listened to, understood, challenged and guided… But most of all we actually felt like partners – not customers.”

Andy Pearce, Director @ On Track Learning

Verified review


Everything was explained to us thoroughly, and we avoided any costly surprises as a result.

George Wright, Founder @ Vounder Analytics

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Recent wins


How Absolute Dogs increases customer retention with gamification

Absolute Dogs is a large dog training company based in the US. Our focus for this project was on elevating user engagement and course completion rates through innovative gamification techniques. By introducing a points system and level indicators on a user-friendly dashboard, we encouraged learners to explore a wider variety of content, increasing engagement and a sense of progress. Social sharing features were integrated to enhance community involvement and serve as a subtle yet effective marketing tool.

These strategies led to a marked increase in user engagement and retention at Absolute Dogs, demonstrating the effectiveness of a user-centric approach in e-learning environments.


Improving LMS reliability and engagement with gamification, UX and custom dashboards

For Rebelway, an online VFX school, we tackled the challenge of revamping their LMS to address issues such as site reliability, payment processing, and user activity tracking. Our solution: a new LMS built from the ground up, equipped with innovative features to boost user engagement and retention.

The key to this transformation was a custom user dashboard along with gamification tools, such as levels and experience points, enhancing the learning experience.
Our comprehensive overhaul of Rebelway’s LMS resolved existing technical challenges along with introduced advanced features that significantly enhanced both the UX and course management efficiency.

Managed services

Launch, iterate & grow
Managed service from a dedicated team

An LMS should evolve as your needs grow. That's why we become your long-term partner with an expert-service designed to empower your organization's growth.

Scalability services

Designed to grow with you. Our scalability services ensure that as your business expands, your LMS effortlessly adapts, from user capacity to feature sets.

Managed hosting

Robust managed hosting that's tailored to your business, ensuring optimal performance, security and scalability at all times.

Further development

Your LMS is a living entity. Benefit from ongoing development services that keep your platform at the cutting edge, from new features to enhanced integrations.

Dedicated technical support

Your own team of experts, available around the clock to assist with any issues or queries. We’re talking first-name familiarity with an assigned team who will know your business inside-out.

Proactive maintenance

Continued updates and maintenance that enable new features, performance improvements, and security enhancements. And monitoring that allows us to fix issues before they impact your business.

Strategic guidance

Move beyond problem-solving to problem prevention. Our consultants work closely with you, anticipating challenges and offering strategic guidance before issues even arise.


Empower your team to maximize your platform's potential. Our training services equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to get the most out of your custom-built LMS.

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Average annual client growth


Learning records created


Users of Plume-built technology

9 reasons to partner with Plume

We're not a SaaS, we're a service, because we believe great technology comes from collaborative partnerships. And that means we do things a little differently to deliver the best outcomes for you.

Unrivalled focus

Learning tech isn’t another string on our bow, it’s all we do. Our years of experience and unrivalled focus mean you won't pay us to "figure it out", we'll circumnavigate common pitfalls and will help you to grow faster.

Never hear no

You might be frustrated with your current provider always telling you "no". With Plume, you will never hear "that's not possible".

Scale experts

We've helped startups and Fortune 100 firms scale from 0 to millions of users. With our "5 pillars of scalability" strategy, we'll remove all technology barriers to growth.

Minimize risk

Our proprietary suite of pre-built features means that 75% of your project is already done. Launch quicker and spend less with quality you can trust.

Launch quicker

The average software build takes 270 days. Ours take 90, accelerating build times while maintaining enterprise-grade quality. Made possible with a process-driven team that our clients call “extraordinarily organized”. What will you do with your half-year advantage?

Personal service

We limit the number of clients we serve so that we can provide a high quality and personalized service, centred around your growth. And with a dedicated team assigned to you, they'll get to know you and your business inside out.

Security & compliance

With Cyber Essentials Plus accreditations and ISO27001 approved partners, our LMSs are built with state-of-the-art security and can be updated to meet evolving compliance & regulatory demands.

Source code access

Our unique move-away guarantee allows you to take full responsibility of the custom-built LMS whenever you're ready. Transition smoothly to your in-house team, armed with all the assets and knowledge you need to create a long term return on your investment.

Scope beyond LMS

Our work covers both the LMS and other products in your ecosystem to ensure a streamlined and integrated experience. For example, we may develop your ecommerce or marketing site to ensure the user flow is smooth. And with integration services, we make sure that everything is in sync and working harmoniously together.

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