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Membership website with free and premium content

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    Embodied Philosophy
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    Membership tiers

The problem

Embodied Philosophy’s platform comes in three parts; the traffic generating media website, the subscription-based video library and the LMS.
Embodied Philosophy provides a wealth of free information on its media site, and aims to move consumers of this free information into various marketing funnels, eventually leading to the sale of paid materials such as one-off courses and course and video subscription.

They faced three main challenges that were impacting engagement and retention:

  • Their website, LMS and video platform were hosted on three disconnected platforms, meaning an inconsistent user experience with multiple logins
  • Teachable’s course library was very limited, meaning that users couldn’t easily discover and purchase new courses
  • The lack of community engagement made for an isolated learning experience

Our objectives

  • Blend together a learning management system, media site and membership website to create a cohesive user experience
  • Personalise the experience for every user to increase engagement and retention
  • Automatically manage free and paid membership subscriptions and renewals
  • Host and display a large amount of video content in a custom “Netflix-style” interface
  • Allow users to book onto and attend webinars in-platformIncorporate personalised sales funnel strategies and upselling opportunities
  • Cultivate a connected, community-based learning environment

A deeply integrated experience

One of EP’s main challenges was how disconnected their service was, scattered across several platforms. They had a website on WordPress, the LMS on Teachable and their video content on Vimeo OTT (a video platform service that allows organisations to build their own video apps for distribution in app stores).

But each site had its own design with limited opportunities to combine them into a cohesive user experience, and each platform had their own logins with no single-sign-on technologies available. So we built one platform to rule them all; the website, LMS and video library.

The integrated video library

We built a custom video library, deeply integrated with Vimeo OTT, allowing the display of Vimeo OTT videos on the website itself. Our content management tools meant that Embodied Philosophy could build their own Video Homepage, complete with curated lists and categories of videos to help drive traffic to their best content.

A custom video library meant that we could also enhance the experience in ways that Vimeo’s own ‘closed’ apps couldn’t. We integrated with the website’s personalisation engine, meaning that video content could be recommended to users based on their interests and past history on the site, so every user’s homepage was tailored to them, ensuring high levels of engagement.

The lead-generating media site

At the top of EP’s funnel was their free media site, bringing free and binge-able articles, podcasts and webinars together into a highly personalised interface. Once users have consumed some free content, they’re invited to sign up for a free account to access more content. This happens on partially visible articles, through the use of popups and through locked-content displays.

Later on, users are invited to sign up for paid memberships, granting them access to exclusive content, from documentaries to courses, recommended to them based on the content they have consumed in the past.

Community focused e-learning

Community would be key to engagement and long-term retention of users. Once engaged with the learning, users are invited to join the community, powered by the exclusive “Plume Communities” plugin. With a Facebook-group style interface, users could comment on their learnings and post videos, images or files.

Integration with the LMS’ groups feature meant that communities would be created for each cohort, ensuring that learners and teachers could only interact with members they share a class with. And with “Plume Messenger”, teachers and learners could communicate privately and securely via encrypted messages.

Webinar system for free and paid events

At the heart of EP’s lead generation strategy were free webinars. We built a webinar events system, allowing users to find and register for free webinars, with integrations with Zoom, Google Meet and other video conferencing/webinar tools. Calendar integrations, dashboard displays and automated reminders meant that attendance rates would remain high, and no-shows kept to a minimum. This same system would also support paid webinars, allowing EP to provide premium, interactive learning experiences.

The right content at the right time

The personalisation engine is at the core of the site. Having established customer journeys and sales funnel strategies early on in Discovery, we were able to design a platform that aligned with these, helping to fully realise Embodied Philosophy’s sales funnel strategy by bringing certain content front and center. From a development perspective, we were also able to suggest specific content designed to upsell users alongside the distribution of highly targeted accessible content.

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