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Improving LMS reliability and engagement with gamification, UX and custom dashboards

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The problem

Rebelway are an online VFX school that specialize in high end training in Houdini, Nuke, and Unreal Engine. They work with real-world artists to create visually stunning courses used by aspiring and practicing FX artists alike, helping VFX artists to get into the industry or to improve their career prospects. Rebelway faced numerous problems with their current learning management system which was thwarting the company’s growth. There were a number of core issues that our designers and developers needed to improve:

  • Site reliability and page speeds
  • Payment processing
  • User activity tracking/ reporting
  • Protecting IP/ videos
  • Custom user dashboards

The solution

Building a new LMS from scratch we were able to eliminate any of the legacy problems that their current system was plagued with. The new system also presented an opportunity to develop new features focused on improving engagement and retention of users. These features included:

  • A custom user dashboard with gamification tools such as levels and experience points
  • Announcements, course updates and marketing messages could be published straight to a user’s dashboard
  • Automatic enrolment into course-specific Discord channels
  • Suggested courses and learning paths
  • E-commerce and user management tools for B2B clients

Reporting and tracking

Reporting and tracking is extremely important for our clients. By understanding the amount of time learners spend watching a video or engaging with an activity, our clients can use this data to improve their e-learning.

In the previous system lessons were very long, which made it more difficult for Rebelway’s team to collect meaningful data or understand specific points of friction. With the new, shorter lesson structure, our clients’ team had cleaner data to work with and users reported finding it easier to resume progress.


Lots of clients are worried about the theft of their video lesson content, where these videos might be illegally downloaded or streamed and shared with people via YouTube or torrent sites.

It was really important that we maintained the anti piracy software used by Rebelway which allowed them to track any uploads of the videos to torrent sites and traced back to the exact user accounts.

Custom dashboard

A well crafted custom dashboard was essential for Rebelway’s users and became a core part of maintaining engagement, improving user experience and is also used by Rebelway for marketing and up-selling.

As well as displaying each user's level based on their performance and engagement with the E-Learning content the dashboard presents all vital information to a user; whether it be clicking on the course to continue where they left off, receiving course updates from their tutor or finding deadlines and assessment submission links.

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