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Revolutionizing employee training for a world-renowned social network

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In this case study, we dive into the strategic transformation of our client's traditional training approach into a fully bespoke employee training platform.

The new system, specifically crafted for internal use, integrates seamlessly with productivity tools such as Slack, Google Calendar, Zoom, and Workday. It provides a diverse learning experience through a wide variety of content formats and establishes a harmonious connection between the company's digital ecosystem and the learning platform.

User-friendly functionalities & Personalized learning experience

This innovative platform includes user-friendly functionalities such as robust reporting tools and intuitive course authoring capabilities. It’s designed to support approximately 3,500 users over a 5-year span.

One of the unique features of this project is a personalized learning experience generated by a sophisticated recommendation engine. This tool provides course recommendations tailored to the role or department of the learner, further enhancing the learning journey.

Category filters & Ajax search

Additionally, users can utilize a category filter or an Ajax search to pinpoint the right course. They can also view their course progression snapshot in the dashboard, which automatically transitions into a “learn more” prompt if the course hasn’t been initiated, providing an intuitive, user-centric interface.

Employee engagement doesn't have to be boring

A significant emphasis on user engagement is manifested through gamified activities and dynamic social learning tools.

To ensure a smooth transition and good user experience, the system leverages OKTA for Single Sign-On technology and streamlines the migration of previous learning records.

Bite-size sections & agenda

Our course design for this project embraces a micro-learning approach, featuring bite-size sections, clearly outlined agendas, progress bars, and downloadable resources.

Inline quizzes for each section assess learning outcomes and pave the way for employees to progress to the next section of the webinar. This engaging approach promotes knowledge retention and encourages active learning.

Live webinars

Another interesting aspect of this case study is providing our client with the possibility of hosting live webinars natively, enhancing the user experience by offering features like live chat, reactions, polls, a dedicated question section, and screen share functionality. 

The native webinar allows our client to provide a seamless user experience, minimizing the common frustrations users often encounter when adapting to a new e-learning platform. This underscores our commitment to delivering an intuitive, user-friendly learning experience, accelerating our client's digital learning transformation journey.

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