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YouTube-style video app for on-demand mobile learning

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Flexible and free-form video learning

Flexible and free-form video-based learning is on the rise. In fact, we’ve built video libraries for many of our clients who have tonnes of video content that can be enjoyed outside of the context of a linear course. Especially important for subscription-based learning memberships, bite-size video content can keep your users engaged – and subscribed – for longer.

Personalized recommendations for relevancy

The discovery of relevant content is paramount for increasing the value that you provide to your users, and value is ultimately tied to retention. That’s why in our YouTube-style video app, we recommend relevant content that understands a user’s interests and learning journey, which increases session times and subscription durations.

AI-powered search gets people to the content they need

Our integration with an AI search provider helps users to find great content more quickly. Not only does the app show results when search queries include spelling mistakes, but it checks for common synonyms too, ensuring that relevant videos are presented even when the search doesn’t precisely match your content’s keywords. What’s more, auto-complete guesses the user’s search intent and displays results before they even hit enter, helping users to get into a video in seconds.

Integrates with your existing websites/apps

Our existing clients already have LMS and membership CMS technology that they already love. So we built our mobile app to pull video-content from our client’s existing content management systems. That means they can add content to one location and have it pull through to both their browser LMS and their mobile apps, and helps to avoid a lengthy content inputting process prior to launch. User data syncs too. When a user creates an account using your LMS, they can log into the mobile app and vice versa. Their favourites, watch-history and learning data is always in sync as they switch from mobile to desktop.

Support for full courses and reporting

If your courses are predominantly video-based, you can incorporate LMS functionality and deliver structured learning journeys. If you use LearnDash, Open edX or any other open-sourced LMS or CMS, we can pull your existing course-content into the app. And if you don’t have a CMS already, we can set one up to allow you to self-manage your courses. And as you’d expect, reporting is possible too using LearnDash’s ProPanel, Plume’s Learning Analytics platform or your existing API-abled reporting tools.

Custom build your own app

If you think a learning app will strengthen your product offering, this app can be adapted for your use-case with new designs, features and integrations. If this isn’t quite what you had in mind, perhaps a Custom-built Learning Management System or Membership Site is a better fit for you.

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