Bespoke Enterprise Employee Training LMS

Develop a fully bespoke employee training LMS that supports your talent development and improves engagement

Align your employees development needs with your LMS functionalities through our bespoke approach.

Unleash employee potential: A custom LMS for talent growth that goes beyond learning

Typical elearning platforms can be restrictive, offering generic or restrictive tech that don’t quite fit the unique needs of enterprise. 

Many businesses find themselves with underperforming systems that consume significant operational resources due to disjointed integrations, without yielding the desired outcomes for employees and L&D managers. 

Plume provides highly customisable and engaging LMSs that serve as your all-encompassing employee growth tool. These align seamlessly with your organisation's vision, and supercharges your employees' career development.

Custom built LMS

How a bespoke LMS
support your talent development needs

Tracking & powerful automation

Measure training effectiveness with custom reports that tell you what you need to know without complicated analysis or Excel juggling.

Engaging content & UX

A user experience that captivates and retains employees’ attention. offer personalised content tailored to your workforce's individual needs.

Unlimited features

A world of possibilities with unlimited features in your bespoke LMS. From advanced integrations to personalised learning paths.

Merge your LMS, TMS and more!

Features that both
L&Ds & CTOs would love 

Merge all of your systems

Too many development tools complicate your employee growth with multiple logins and scattered data. Merging them into a single app to increase engagement and reduce integrations.

Seamless harmony with HRIS & TMS

Effortlessly sync your existing employee data management tools for a unified talent management. With customised integrations we'll align your LMS with business processes and objectives.

Integrate with essential productivity tools

Make learning a natural part of the workday by syncing your LMS with essential productivity tools such as Slack, Google Calendar, Zoom and more. Allowing your team to access training seamlessly which enhances user engagement and efficiency.

Employee Engagement

Revolutionising engagement
for enterprise learning


 xAPI and H5P Integration 

Leverage the power of xAPI and H5P for dynamic content creation. Allowing for the development of interactive and responsive learning materials and allowing you to easily import your existing content.

Content Richness and Accessibility

From interactive video and scenario-based modules, to games and VR activities. We’ll help you to leverage cutting edge content tools to deliver truly engaging courses.

Simplified Access with SSO

No more user logins with Single Sign-On (SSO) integration. Support for any SSO tool including Google, to SAML, to Okta.

Personalised learning paths - automatically!

Still assigning content manually? Your training managers save time and your employees combat choice paralysis with personalied learning paths that understand what they need from their development. Your LMS can intelligently recommend courses, webinars, events and more, aligning training with individual roles and professional aspirations.

Measurable outcomes

Track engagement and learning outcomes to help improve your content, presented in ways so that managers and seniors can understand the impact of your L&D efforts. 

Unified ecosystem for UX gains

Harmonise multiple HR and employee development tools, ensuring consistency across the user experience while reducing how many vendors support your goals.

Enhanced Blended Learning Support

Strengthen and incorporate support for non-eLearning elements such as on-demand webinars, offline events, attendance check-ins and live events. Offer a comprehensive learning experience to your employees. 

Beyond Badges - Scenario-Based Gamification:

Supercharge engagement and knowledge retention with advanced gamification. Moving past basic badges, We can incorporate scenario-based videos, immersive challenges and learning games that will align with real-world tasks, enhancing engagement and application of skills.

LMS ownership

Buy once, use forever
Your always-on investment

The risks of SaaS are real: rising costs, feature changes, and vendor buy-outs/shutdowns can erase your investment overnight.

Plume eliminates these risks by giving you access to your LMS's code, allowing you to self-host and transition to in-house management whenever you're ready.

Data-driven decisions

Empower L&Ds with flawless data tracking and bespoke reporting  

Transform Data into Actionable Insights

Unlock the full potential of your training and development programs with insightful data analytics. We’ll help you bridge the gap between raw data and actionable insights, making it simpler for HR and L&D managers to demonstrate the tangible impact of their training initiatives.

One report to rule them all

Capture and aggregate all activities across your LMS and other tools, giving you a single reporting view that tells you everything you need to know - without downloading, merging and annotating multiple reports from multiple systems.

Empowering Data-Driven Decisions

Transform complex datasets and messy Excel sheets into clear, visually engaging reports. With our custom reporting dashboards, you can easily and quickly generate reports for different stakeholders with varying degrees of data requirements so your team can make swift but informed decisions.

Automation & personalisation

Put training on autopilot
with robust automations

Effortless automation

Reduce the administrative load and free up time for more strategic tasks with advanced automation. From overdue reminders to content delivery and notifications.

Ditch manual enrolments

From enrolment into courses based on role, to tracking overdue courses and quiz feedback, your LMS can automate man workflows that hold you back.

Personalised, automated communication

Admins can effortlessly personalise communication with employees across various channels such as emails, Slack, text messages and in-app notifications.

Maximize efficiency, minimize risk
with pre-built features

Our proprietary suite of pre-built technologies means that 75% of your project is already done and awaiting your customizations, enabling you to launch quicker and spend less without compromising on quality.

Deploy established foundation which reduces your costs and time-to-launch by 66%.

Set up existing features with pre-built technologies from our extensive armory.

Build custom requirements from your UX and features to integrations with your existing business tools.

Launch, learn and adapt with ongoing development so your LMS works harder for you over time.

Recent wins


Personalised learning experiences and B2B tools for an employee soft skills platform.

This personalised career development platform served B2B customers across the UK, Nigeria, US and Canada, enabling employers to support the career progression of their employees. 
Multi-tenancy tools enabled customers to self-manage their learners, Create a highly engaging learning experience through rich personalisationFor B2B clients, provide self-user management and progress reporting toolsBetter prepare the product for a Nigerian user-base.


Revolutionising employee training for a world-renowned social network

A renowned social network wanted to reinvent its employee training LMS. Their goal was to develop an LMS that goes beyond training and offers employee growth and career development tools in one unified experience. 

To achieve this goal, we designed an employee-friendly UX to increase engagement and developed feedback modules to enable a two-way feedback module between employees and line managers. Furthermore, our advanced reporting dashboard allowed admins to easily generate reports and view the most important data to access the overall success of their training programme.

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I don't know if it’s a British thing, but this entire process was extraordinarily organized. I didn't have to wait too long to see results and process has been an absolute joy.

Seida Wood, CEO @ JD Genius


Thanks to Plume’s eLearning expertise, we’ve seen a steady increase in our growth.

Dave Rotheroe, CEO @ Grip Advertising

Verified review


“From proposal to delivery, we  felt listened to, understood, challenged and guided… But most of all we actually felt like partners – not customers.”

Andy Pearce, Director @ On Track Learning

Verified review


Everything was explained to us thoroughly, and we avoided any costly surprises as a result.

George Wright, Founder @ Vounder Analytics

Verified review

Managed services

Launch, iterate & grow
Managed service from a dedicated team

An LMS should evolve as your needs grow. That's why we become your long-term partner with an expert-service designed to empower your organization's growth.

Scalability services

Designed to grow with you. Our scalability services ensure that as your business expands, your LMS effortlessly adapts, from user capacity to feature sets.

Managed hosting

Robust managed hosting that's tailored to your business, ensuring optimal performance, security and scalability at all times.

Further development

Your LMS is a living entity. Benefit from ongoing development services that keep your platform at the cutting edge, from new features to enhanced integrations.

Dedicated technical support

Your own team of experts, available around the clock to assist with any issues or queries. We’re talking first-name familiarity with an assigned team who will know your business inside-out.

Proactive maintenance

Continued updates and maintenance that enable new features, performance improvements, and security enhancements. And monitoring that allows us to fix issues before they impact your business.

Strategic guidance

Move beyond problem-solving to problem prevention. Our consultants work closely with you, anticipating challenges and offering strategic guidance before issues even arise.


Empower your team to maximize your platform's potential. Our training services equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to get the most out of your custom-built LMS.

Of customers renew after year 1


Average annual client growth


Learning records created


Users of Plume-built technology

9 reasons to partner with Plume

We're not a SaaS, we're a service, because we believe great technology comes from collaborative partnerships. And that means we do things a little differently to deliver the best outcomes for you.

Unrivalled focus

Learning tech isn’t another string on our bow, it’s all we do. Our years of experience and unrivalled focus mean you won't pay us to "figure it out", we'll circumnavigate common pitfalls and will help you to grow faster.

Never hear no

You might be frustrated with your current provider always telling you "no". With Plume, you will never hear "that's not possible".

Scale experts

We've helped startups and Fortune 100 firms scale from 0 to millions of users. With our "5 pillars of scalability" strategy, we'll remove all technology barriers to growth.

Minimize risk

Our proprietary suite of pre-built features means that 75% of your project is already done. Launch quicker and spend less with quality you can trust.

Launch quicker

The average software build takes 270 days. Ours take 90, accelerating build times while maintaining enterprise-grade quality. Made possible with a process-driven team that our clients call “extraordinarily organized”. What will you do with your half-year advantage?

Personal service

We limit the number of clients we serve so that we can provide a high quality and personalized service, centred around your growth. And with a dedicated team assigned to you, they'll get to know you and your business inside out.

Security & compliance

With Cyber Essentials Plus accreditations and ISO27001 approved partners, our LMSs are built with state-of-the-art security and can be updated to meet evolving compliance & regulatory demands.

Source code access

Our unique move-away guarantee allows you to take full responsibility of the custom-built LMS whenever you're ready. Transition smoothly to your in-house team, armed with all the assets and knowledge you need to create a long term return on your investment.

Scope beyond LMS

Our work covers both the LMS and other products in your ecosystem to ensure a streamlined and integrated experience. For example, we may develop your ecommerce or marketing site to ensure the user flow is smooth. And with integration services, we make sure that everything is in sync and working harmoniously together.