Design, deploy and resell your own custom LMS in 30 days

Hyper-efficient LMS development service, built to give your business the power of differentiation and control.

Can’t find a reseller LMS that meets the complex needs of your business? Plume makes it possible.

Choosing the right reseller LMS often involves tough decisions and compromises. Do you settle for a SaaS LMS that restricts your differentiation potential? Deal with licensing fees that hinder your growth and can unpredictably increase? Opt to build in-house with limited expertise and availability, or hire a generalist agency that might deliver a mediocre experience?
Well, there’s a better option - build a custom reseller LMS with Plume.
We specialize in comprehensive LMS design, development, and enhancement services, empowering the world's leading LMS resellers to deliver a stand out service, attracting more customers, and providing engaging experiences that ensure client loyalty.
And our reseller-friendly approach give you full ownership of your code, ensuring that your investment in a partnership with Plume creates long-lasting returns for your business.

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Build, resell & earn big,
with Plume Reseller

Buy once, resell forever

You’re in control with lifetime-licensing and full ownership options - enabling you to resell to an infinite number of customers without additional costs.

Think it, build it

Enjoy strategic and creative flexibility to deliver a truly bespoke experience. New features, custom integrations and a user experience that delights your customers.

Rapid innovation & evolution

Continued access to Plume’s experts and technology enables you to continuously innovate and react quickly to evolving business and market demands.


Effortless reselling,
maximum gains.


An LMS continuously tailored to your customer's unique requirements, empowering your sales team to affirm client requests with confidence. Freed from user fees, you have the flexibility to provide trials of a product that virtually markets itself, making acquisition an effortless endeavour.

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Whether your customers invest in deep integrations, powerful automations or features only possible with your LMS, your customers will never want to leave.

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Seamless user experiences

Making up for the limitations of your LMS means hacky workarounds and additional software, creating a confusing and frustrating experience for your users. With Plume, you can bring it all into one app or seamlessly integrate with third-party tech that ensures an experience you can be proud of.

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In-depth user research and testing to ensure your LMS meets real-world learner needs effectively (before the cost of development).

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a friend on the inside

We’ve been doing this for a decade, which means we have first-hand experiences that others don’t. We know what works, what doesn’t, and how to accelerate your success.

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Flexible white-labelling

Whether you want to sell seats in a managed LMS, or give your clients greater freedom of their content and experiences, it’s all possible with Plume.

How we launch your e-learning tech 6x faster than competitors

A decade in the making, our streamlined process is designed to deliver a beautifully effective e-learning app in as little as 30 days.

Blueprint strategy workshop, to set goals, share ideas, and plan an effective build - bringing clarity to the deliverables.

UI/UX design to establish look and feel of your technology, and ensure it's intuitive for all types of users.

RAPID Build including adding pre-built and custom-built features - with fortnightly demos and changes.

Launch, learn and adapt with ongoing management and development services so your LMS works harder for you over time.

Recent wins


Empowering millions of teachers to utilize Google Workspace in the classroom

Google partnered with Plume to provide Google Workspace for Education product training, enabling teachers to reap the full benefits of Google's educational suite of tools. The LMS was especially architected to scale to millions of users globally, while offering an interactive experience that teaches the practical usage of Google Classrooms and other educational products.

Interactive software demos helped users to navigate sandboxed versions of Google's apps, providing teachers with a risk-free environment to level-up their skills. Google login and a user-friendly interface that adheres to Google's Material Design language, ensuring a consistent and intuitive experience - as if it were one of Google's in-house apps.


Achieving 5x growth with a “Netflix style” gamified learning experience

Absolute Dogs were experiencing low engagement and high churn. Learners were struggling to find relevant content, leading to frustration and early cancellations. To tackle this issue, we embarked on a data-driven journey to transform the learning experience and drive higher engagement and retention.
We transitioned their dog training video library into a highly engaging Netflix-style format, supported by tailored search tools. Our custom gamification engine, guided by data-driven insights, not only boosted course completions but also reduced first-month cancellations, demonstrating our commitment to elevating customer satisfaction and lifetime value.

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This entire process was extraordinarily organised. We went into scoping and design, which was really exciting to see the product form. I saw results straight away.

Seida Wood, CEO @ JD Genius


"The Plume team knows their stuff, but most importantly they know how to listen to a client’s needs and translate those needs into an actionable plan.”

Matt Bramble, CEO & Leverage Lab

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“From the initial discussions to the delivery of the blueprint, we have felt listened to and understood, challenged and guided as needed.”

Andy Pearce, Director @ On Track Learning

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"I’m struggling to come to terms... This is exactly what we wanted - you’ve been able to take an idea out of my head and make it happen"

Kevin Somerville MD @ Let’s Get Sporty

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Managed services

Launch, iterate & grow
Managed service from a dedicated team

An LMS should evolve as your needs grow. That's why we become your long-term partner with an expert-service designed to empower your organization's growth.


Of customers renew after year 1


Average annual client growth


Learning records created


Users of Plume-built technology

1. Planning your dream technology

We kick off with expert planning to help you reduce trail and error, save money, and fast-track your success - guided by a team of seasoned LMS, membership & e-learning experts.

2. Designing for maximum impact

Sure, a beautiful UI is important, but user experience makes the product work better for everyone. We’ll boost the effectiveness of your learning technology with bespoke UI/UX design - from a specialist team that has delivered 100s of cutting edge LMSs, membership sites and education apps.

3. Developing your platform

We’ll take care of all of the technicals, from choosing the most appropriate technology to writing custom code. We’ll demo our work every 2 weeks so you’re always in the loop.

4. Helping you to extract every ounce of value

Learn how to make the most out of your tech with personalised training videos for you and your team. We’ll even create a private course that will live inside of your platform, ready to share with your team.

5. Easy migration & launch

We’ll move all of your users, courses and data to your new platform, without downtime or data loss. And we’ll guide your launch process so you can celebrate a smooth and stress-free launch.

6. Everything you need to scale

Robust managed hosting and technology services to meet the scalability and reliability demands of your business. Host in over 30 countries, meet complex data residency requirements, and comply the security requirements of your most demanding customers.

7. Add features over time

Stay agile and react quickly to new demands. Ongoing development services keep your platform at the cutting edge, from new features to enhanced integrations.

8. Proactive guidance & support

Move beyond problem-solving to problem prevention. We work closely with you, anticipating challenges and offering strategic guidance before issues even arise.

Of customers renew after year 1


Average annual client growth


Learning records created


Users of Plume-built technology

9 reasons to partner with Plume

We're not a SaaS, we're a service, because we believe great technology comes from collaborative partnerships. And that means we do things a little differently to deliver the best outcomes for you.

Unrivalled focus

Learning tech isn’t another string on our bow, it’s all we do. Our years of experience and unrivalled focus mean you won't pay us to "figure it out", we'll circumnavigate common pitfalls and will help you to grow faster.

Never hear no

You might be frustrated with your current provider always telling you "no". With Plume, you will never hear "that's not possible".

Scale experts

We've helped startups and Fortune 100 firms scale from 0 to millions of users. With our "5 pillars of scalability" strategy, we'll remove all technology barriers to growth.

Minimize risk

Our proprietary suite of pre-built features means that 75% of your project is already done. Launch quicker and spend less with quality you can trust.

Launch quicker

The average software build takes 270 days. Ours take 90, accelerating build times while maintaining enterprise-grade quality. Made possible with a process-driven team that our clients call “extraordinarily organized”. What will you do with your half-year advantage?

Personal service

We limit the number of clients we serve so that we can provide a high quality and personalized service, centred around your growth. And with a dedicated team assigned to you, they'll get to know you and your business inside out.

Security & compliance

With Cyber Essentials Plus accreditations and ISO27001 approved partners, our LMSs are built with state-of-the-art security and can be updated to meet evolving compliance & regulatory demands.

Source code access

Our unique move-away guarantee allows you to take full responsibility of the custom-built LMS whenever you're ready. Transition smoothly to your in-house team, armed with all the assets and knowledge you need to create a long term return on your investment.

Scope beyond LMS

Our work covers both the LMS and other products in your ecosystem to ensure a streamlined and integrated experience. For example, we may develop your ecommerce or marketing site to ensure the user flow is smooth. And with integration services, we make sure that everything is in sync and working harmoniously together.

Discover how Plume can help you to scale your business.
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