White label LMS

Branded e-learning platforms

With your own look and feel, bespoke features and unlimited users, you can launch a customizable e-learning platform in no time, with help from our in-house LMS experts.

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Customize your LMS

From simply branded to totally unique
customize an LMS to your needs

Custom look and feel

Add a logo, change the colours, or ask our expert designers to create something extra special

Every single feature, ever

Select from a library of features or let our developers custom build something unique

Manage, automate & grow

Unlimited users, full automation, and management services makes growth a breeze.


Features that streamline business
and delight your learners

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Happier customers = better retention

Create an intuitive user experience that "gets" your customers. Disable features they don't need and add features they do to eliminate complaints and improve retention.


PersonalizED learning JOURNEYS

Increase course enrolments and completions with personalized recommendations, so your learners never have to wonder "what next?".

POWERFUL CRM integrationS

Use your CRM as a single source of truth with data you can rely on. Automate operations like enrolments and onboarding. And supercharge your marketing with personalized offers.


Advanced Gamification

Go beyond badges with hyper-engaging games, simulations and more, designed to keep learners pushing through to the end.

Import existing courses

Don't want to re-build your courses? Easy upload SCORM, xAPI and LTI courses that you've created or purchased elsewhere.

Interactive and engaging content

Turn passive videos into interactive exercises, gamify your learning, bring AI into the mix. No matter your content idea, our content and technology expertise makes it possible to make learning immersive.


Integrate or build the tools you thought you couldn't. No matter how unique your requirements are, we make it happen.

B2B training

Give your customers the tools
that make you indispensable



Give your customers the power to manage their own users, create courses, generate reports or integrate with their HR systems to create a truly sticky service.

White labelling & BRANDINg

From basic branding to full UI/UX redesigns, give each customer an LMS they can call their own.

Single sign on

Automate account creation, meet your customers security demands & eliminate forgotten passwords.

Custom reports

Get instant insights in a format that makes sense to you and your customers with custom reports templates. These tools allow you reinforce and communicate the value you provide to your customers to boost retention.



Walls of text? Videos? Yawn. Make learning enjoyable with interactive activities and gamified experiences that keep learners hooked to completion.


From account creation to personalized learning paths, the entire learner journey can be automated without human input. This eliminates human bottlenecks and ensures your customers can extract maximum value without lifting a finger.


Import courses you've created or purchased elsewhere. With LTI support and full reporting capabilities, you gain full creative control over your content.

Membership & masterclass websites

Tools that empower you
to gain and retain users

Gamification Beyond Badges 

Supercharge engagement and knowledge retention with advanced gamification. move past basic badges and incorporate scenario-based videos, immersive challenges and learning games.

Single-sign on

Make signs and onboarding a breeze with SSO. Forgotten passwords will become a thing of the past.

Personalised learning paths - automatically!

Combat choice paralysis with personalised learning paths that understand what they need from their development. Your LMS can intelligently recommend courses, webinars, events and more, aligning training with individual roles and professional aspirations.

Scalability services

Designed to grow with you. Our scalability services ensure that as your business expands, your LMS effortlessly adapts, from user capacity to feature sets.


xAPI, H5P and LTI Integration

Leverage xAPI, H5P and LTI for dynamic, interactive content creation. Import existing content effortlessly.

Cross-Platform delivery

Enjoy a fluid learning experience across all devices. Offer safe offline access to your users across browsers, mobile devices and even TVs!

Seamless E-commerce Integration

Seamlessly integrate your LMS with your ecommerce provider. Connect user data and learner profiles, allowing for two-way real-time data sync and unlocking the full potential of both platforms.

Marketing sites

Ensure a consistent look and feel between your LMS and marketing site. Use our consultative approach to create tailored sales funnels that convert prospects into learners.

Employee Engagement at scale

Big engagement, little effort
With powerful training features



Leverage the power of xAPI and H5P for interactive content creation. Got courses you already love? Import them for a hassle-free migration.

AI Personalized learning paths

Still assigning content manually? Yawn. Save time and bring relevance to your learning paths with personalized course, webinar & event recommendations.

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Automate your pain away

Human processes are prone to error and causes unnecessary delays. Plus, enrolling learners is boring. We make your pains disappear with powerful automations so that you can focus on more strategic work.

SSO for password-less login

No forgotten passwords & no excuses with Single Sign-On (SSO). Use SAML, OAuth, Okta or any other SSO tech.

courses that don't feel like courses

From interactive video and scenario-based modules, to games and VR activities, we’ll help you to leverage cutting edge content tools to deliver truly engaging courses.

Dashboards & reports (but genuinely useful)

Bring fragmented data from multiple sources into one central dashboard, with reports that tell you exactly what you need to know without manual analysis. Your exports are ready to share, presented in ways that even your boss will understand.

Merge all of your employee growth systems

Asking employees to log into multiple different systems? Paying multiple vendors? Consolidate all of your tools to create a consistent experience, all while reducing your software costs.

Webinars, events and blended learning

From on-demand webinars to IRL events, all promoted and tracked in one central system.

supercharge engagement with gamification

Supercharge engagement and knowledge retention with advanced gamification. Moving past basic badges, we design scenario-based videos, immersive challenges and learning games that will align with real-world tasks, driving better learning outcomes & application of skills.


Effortless reselling,
maximum gains.


An LMS continuously tailored to your customer's unique requirements, empowering your sales team to affirm client requests with confidence. Freed from user fees, you have the flexibility to provide trials of a product that virtually markets itself, making acquisition an effortless endeavour.

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Whether your customers invest in deep integrations, powerful automations or features only possible with your LMS, your customers will never want to leave.

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Seamless user experiences

Making up for the limitations of your LMS means hacky workarounds and additional software, creating a confusing and frustrating experience for your users. With Plume, you can bring it all into one app or seamlessly integrate with third-party tech that ensures an experience you can be proud of.

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In-depth user research and testing to ensure your LMS meets real-world learner needs effectively (before the cost of development).

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a friend on the inside

We’ve been doing this for a decade, which means we have first-hand experiences that others don’t. We know what works, what doesn’t, and how to accelerate your success.

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Flexible white-labelling

Whether you want to sell seats in a managed LMS, or give your clients greater freedom of their content and experiences, it’s all possible with Plume.

Your Growth toolkit

Supercharge your growth with high engagement and data-rich reports

Identify and collect valuable data

Identify and track critical data points for your business and impact reports, including attendance tracking and content engagement KPIs.

Customizable reporting: your impact, visualized

Transform your data into clear, concise reports tailored for diverse stakeholders. Create intuitive and customizable dashboards to tell compelling stories with your data.

Global access & local compliance

We streamline data privacy and residency compliance across regions, eliminating third-party data silos and facilitating your global expansion.

Advanced content authoring

Enhance your content delivery with our bespoke content authoring tool. Use a host of pre-built features and enhance it further during the development phase.

Cross-platform delivery

Enjoy a fluid learning experience across all devices, catering to the needs of volunteers, staff, and learners who are always on the move. Provide an uninterrupted access to vital resources.

Adaptive Learning Paths 

Tailor every learning journey to individual needs with our content recommendation engine and ensure each learner gets access to material that resonates with their needs.

Gamify everything

Go beyond badges and offer in-lesson gamification with interactive scenario-based lessons, branching videos and bespoke 2D games to help solidify learners’ knowledge.

Offer truly integrated Edtech tools

Plume redefines content integration, making it straightforward to integrate H5P, SCORM and xAPI seamlessly without losing access to data and reporting.

Frameworks & integrations

We don’t shoehorn your requirements into incompatible tech. We’ll identify the right tools for the job to deliver the best outcomes for you.

LMS ownership

Buy once, use forever
Your always-on investment

The risks of SaaS are real: rising costs and feature changes that don't align with your needs can diminish the viability of your current LMS.

Plume eliminates these risks by giving you unparalleled control, providing the option to self-host your source code and transition to in-house management at any time.

Recent wins


Empowering millions of teachers to utilize Google Workspace in the classroom

Google partnered with Plume to provide Google Workspace for Education product training, enabling teachers to reap the full benefits of Google's educational suite of tools. The LMS was especially architected to scale to millions of users globally, while offering an interactive experience that teaches the practical usage of Google Classrooms and other educational products.

Interactive software demos helped users to navigate sandboxed versions of Google's apps, providing teachers with a risk-free environment to level-up their skills. Google login and a user-friendly interface that adheres to Google's Material Design language, ensuring a consistent and intuitive experience - as if it were one of Google's in-house apps.


Achieving 5x growth with a “Netflix style” gamified learning experience

Absolute Dogs were experiencing low engagement and high churn. Learners were struggling to find relevant content, leading to frustration and early cancellations. To tackle this issue, we embarked on a data-driven journey to transform the learning experience and drive higher engagement and retention.
We transitioned their dog training video library into a highly engaging Netflix-style format, supported by tailored search tools. Our custom gamification engine, guided by data-driven insights, not only boosted course completions but also reduced first-month cancellations, demonstrating our commitment to elevating customer satisfaction and lifetime value.

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I don't know if it’s a British thing, but this entire process was extraordinarily organized. I didn't have to wait too long to see results and process has been an absolute joy.

Seida Wood, CEO @ JD Genius


Thanks to Plume’s eLearning expertise, we’ve seen a steady increase in our growth.

Dave Rotheroe, CEO @ Grip Advertising

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“From proposal to delivery, we  felt listened to, understood, challenged and guided… But most of all we actually felt like partners – not customers.”

Andy Pearce, Director @ On Track Learning

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Everything was explained to us thoroughly, and we avoided any costly surprises as a result.

George Wright, Founder @ Vounder Analytics

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